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Carnival Glass Clubs and Associations

A good way to gain more knowledge about carnival glass is to join a carnival glass club or association. There are about fifteen carnival glass clubs worldwide with most of them being in U.S. Many collectors join several or more clubs to receive the club’s newsletters which feature articles about carnival glass.  Each club has an annual convention with educational programs where you can learn about carnival glass and meet other collectors.  Conventions usually conclude with an auction featuring 2- 500 lots of very collectible and quality carnival glass.  For more information - click on any of the following carnival glass club web sites :

Air Capital Carnival Glass Club
American Carnival Glass Association 
Canadian Carnival Glass Association
Carnival Glass Collectors Association of Australia
Greater Arizona Carnival Glass Club
Great Lakes Carnval Glass Club
International Carnival Glass Association
Heart of America Carnival Glass Association
Lincoln Land Carnival Glass Club

New England Carnival Glass Association

Northern California Carnival Club
Pacific Northwest Carnival Glass Club
Southern Calfornia Carnival Glass Club
Tampa Bay Carnival Glass Club
The Carnival Glass Society UK
Texas Carnival Glass Club  
World Wide Web Carnival Glass Association

Iridescent Nation -
A Community of Junior Carnival Glass Collectors


Educational Resources on Carnival Glass

Education is important for anyone collecting carnival glass.  Listed below are some education resources to aid members and visitors in finding reliable information on carnival glass.

Dave Doty's Carnival Glass Web Site
Tom & Sharon Mordini's Carnival Glass Auction Prices

Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass (with prices)

Glen & Stephan Thistlewood's Carnival Glass Web Site

Carnival Glass Tumblers Around the World

The Contemporary Carnival Glass Web Site

Carnival Glass 101

Carnival Heaven

Jerry Curtis - Carnival Glass Miniatures, Novelties and Smalls (Photos)


Carnival Glass Auctions

Many auctioneers may sell carnival glass in estate auctions or auction houses.  The auctioneers listed below are considered the most knowledgeable in the carnival glass field.  Annually, they conduct 40 – 50 carnival glass auctions in which over 15,000 lots of carnival glass are sold.  The auctions may be conducted for individuals or carnival glass club conventions.  Auctioneers send out color brochures listing each piece of carnival glass to be sold.  Each auctioneer also has a web site with their auction calendar, brochure listings with photographs.  Each auction is a public auction, but individuals may submit absentee bids by mail, email and by telephone.  Contact each of the following auctioneers to be placed on their mailing list and for their “absentee bid policy”.

Mickey Reichel Antique and Auction, L.C.
Seeck Auction Carnival Glass & Antique Web Page
Jim Wroda Auction Service
Tom Burns Auction Service
Matthew Wroda Auction & Appraisals

For an weekly updated listing of all Carnival Glass Conventions  and Live Auctions click on: Carnival Glass Convention & Auction Calendar


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